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Dundi Lodge Aerodrome

Dundi Lodge Airfield

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Upon receiving this request to land, the Dundi Lodge office will process the request and in the event permission to land is forthcoming, will provide, in writing prior to landing, a CONSENT TO LAND REFERENCE NUMBER. No aircraft are allowed to land at Dundi Lodge landing strips or helipads without consent from Dundi Lodge and without a signed Disclaimer/Waiver.

To make a request please download the following 2 documents.The one is a procedure and flight rules.The other is a waiver form that needs to be signed and attached to booking form below.

Download Links below.
Download the Procedures and Flight Rules Download the Waiver form to sign


S28°37 37.58

E020°19 28.79

Elevation 661m

Direction:08 - 26

Length:1 320


Surface:Tar start up strips at both ends of runway. Rest of runway compacted gravel.

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